Sunday, June 8, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash Craze

Dropped down my sis and her friend in Sunway Lagoon yesterday for the Roxy Summer Splash event. And my should have seen the amount of crowd queing to get in. It's totally insane!! I guess there was like thousands of people there. Below is a picture of the scene taken by my sis. Sometimes I wonder why these people are still so enthusiastic about getting in despite the fact that it's already so packed inside. Upon seeing such crowd, I would probably just head back home to my condo's pool to swim instead.

While waiting for my sis having 'fun' (fun as in being sandwiched among the crowd), I had Daniel out to accompany me for lunch and do some catching up since he stays just around the corner. Daniel has taken more shots of the insane condition. Gonna get the pics from him to upload soon!

Went home later in the evening after Jamie was done hanging out with her friends. As expected, she complained non-stop about the badly managed event. You can read all her laments at lol.


Eric Thor said...

wah! crazy-ness....I don't like to jostle with a crowd. that's why I normally do my shopping in the afternoon on a weekday or grocery shopping at midnight (only available at Tesco)...hehe

Your sis really got the patience to wait huh?

Josh Lim said...

wah, someone is a blogger already. congrats! :)

Jeannie said...

eric: yeah! she managed to get in. but got out again cuz too crowded n boring.

josh: yes i am a blogger now. Thanks to all u guys for PRESSURING me. haha! =p