Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My very First Trip to Singapore

Yes, I'm not kidding you. Last Wednesday was indeed the very first time i set foot in Singapore after 22 years! A neighbouring country yet I've not been there. A friend once told me I should just take a bus down, pijak pijak the soil sikit, and come back right up to KL so I could proudly claim, " Oh yeah! I've been to Singapore already!" and save myself from the embarrassment. lol.

Like Hong Kong, I noticed travelling around Singapore is very convenient. And you just don't see traffic jams and dirty toilets! (I wish I'm a Singaporean) However, when it comes to lunch/dinner time......the foodcourts are all completely packed with people. We have to wait super darn long before we managed to find a place to sit! (I don't want to be a Singaporean already) So I guess the best way is either you don't eat during lunch/dinner hours or you stand in front of a guest table and PRESSURE them to eat faster. Hahahaha. But if wanna pressure of course pick those that are almost finishing already to pressure lar....

During the 2nd day of the trip, we spent almost the entire day in Orchard Road and Somerset. If I'm not mistaken, there are over (or probably more than) 20 shopping complexes around this area alone! By the end of the day, I can barely feel my feet already T.T

Mum & I. And please do remind me never to wear boots/heels again in Singapore!! MUST wear flats!!

One of my favourite scent! I love fruity scents.

Sis & I. Geez....I look like a dwarf next to her.

Mind you. This is no Clinic. But definitely a very unique restaurant in Clarke Quay.

With wheel chairs...
and ward beds!

Cool design in one of the ladies' washroom wall in Clarke Quay. Oops! ter-touch wrong place. >.<

That's more like it!

This juice is available in Bugis Street. Don't think we can find this here in Malaysia. Have not tried it and I don't intend to try it (eventhough I love eating durians). I can accept durian ice-cream but durian juice is just weird. *bleks*

That's all for now. Have not finish my Singapore story. Shall probably continue it in the next blog:)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Jeannie! I've always thought you have a blog cause i saw a few pictures from various blogger parties :P

anyway i've read bout blowjobs(the place hehe). did you try it?

Eric Thor said...

*walks in*


*walks out*

haha.....feels like I entered into some ladies room or something....

Anonymous said...

hey eric! blowjob is a kind of drink ok! what were you thinking :P

Jeannie said...

Yeah! i saw it there! maybe i should include that 'blowjob' thing in my post too. took a picture of it. haha! im still very new with this blog thing....learning how to use photobucket pics are all so darn large >.<

Eric Thor said...

yenli: wahahahaha....I know ler...just trying to be naughty....hehe. made you shy, didn't I? hehe. you know isaac, you should know me too ;)

jeannie: do you mean the photo size on your HDD is large or the photo size on your blog itself? If you want to manage photo sizes (not size as in kb or mb) easily, try the Windows Live Writer. When you updated to Windows Live Messenger (otherwise known as our favourite MSN), they would have asked whether you want to install that component. The Windows Live Writer enables you to easily write blogs offline and come and upload them when you are online. It also provides you with the ability to control the size of the photo on your blog. You can specify how much space on your blog it should take. Let me know if you need help on how to use it :)

mrbherng said...

I didn't visit Singapore until I was in Form 3 or something and only been to it a second time like last August. You are not all that behind though.

just popping by anyway.

Jeannie said...

Eric: Thx Eric=) the photo size on my HDD is large. have to resize it before i post it up on my blog. I'll try out photobucket first. heard it's ok. thx again! =D

mrbherng: haha! at least ur there when ur 15. im 7 years more behind T.T

Shiveeleaves said...

so good can go overseas.
i never went overseas before in my life man.
anyway,got get some singapore soil back as proof u been there?