Monday, March 9, 2009

Rain rAin go AwAyyyyyyy.........

(photo by HelDes, taken from

I just detest rainy season here (well, at least my boots are put into good use)...It's not that I hate the rain. Rain would be fun if it's for just mere 15 minutes to an hour. But raining from morning to night is just unbearable. The worst so far is raining 3 days straight, non-stop. urghh. It just makes me lazy... and most of the time I'd just snug under my comforter. Plus, at this temperature it's turning my room into a freezer!

However, I still go for my usual ping-pong games to exercise. Never played ping-pong seriously back in Malaysia but I'm beginning to love it ever since I picked up this sport here. hehe.

Today's the first sunny day after the past one week of rainy, muddy days. Hurray! =p