Saturday, October 22, 2016

April Skin Premium Magic Snow Cream

Colour: White tone. For a natural healthy glow, 1 layer would suffice.

Pros: Brightens up skin. Very moisturizing & natural. Can achieve a beautiful no make up look. Doesn't feel like you have make up on. If you want to be fairer, just apply a 2nd or 3rd layer.

Cons: Low coverage. Suitable for people with dull skin looking for a healthy natural glow. No SPF. Need to apply a layer of sunblock in the morning.

Repurchase? Yes!! Definitely! if 11 Street promotion is still on going. Gotten it at 80% discount. It's over my budget at original price of RM240. 

My skin type: Dry sensitive skin.

Shizens Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation SPF33

Colour: love it! Illuminates my skin. Very natural colour.

Texture: Dewy & smooth. Not heavy.

Pros: Natural healthy glow. Water-proof.

Cons: Foundation will be visible around skin creases by noon (applied since 7am) thus requires blotting. Needs to constantly wash sponge after each use to achieve that natural look application, which could be troublesome. Otherwise, application will be cakey. Pores will be clogged by end of the day.

Repurchase? No

My Skin type: Dry sensitive skin.

FaceIt Aura colour control CC Cream in N2 Natural Beige

Colour: Slightly darker than my skin colour but turns out to be natural looking after full application. No illumination effect like how its shown in posters. Probably due to this sample is a darker shade. Slightly yellowish tone. Not exactly my preferred colour as it doesn't have a healthy glow. May suit darker skin tone.

Texture: Semi-matte 

Pros: Good coverage

Cons: Only last for few hours (bout 4 hours). Skin gets cakey after that. Can tell u have make up on. Accentuates your pores.

Repurchase? No

My skin type: Dry sensitive skin.