Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shell Carnival

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging lately! Too lazy to blog...=p

Btw, here are some info to be shared. Spend RM 30 and above on any Shell fuels or products at Shell Select and stand a chance to be among the Shell's weekly winners (1 year free petrol + cash)!

There were also nintendo wii baseball games for customers to play and Shell's giving away gifts/prizes, such as Ferrari car models, water bottles, caps, sun shades, and pig-tailed pencils, with every 2 homeruns scored in a game. In the picture above were some naughty kids fighting over the controller. But they are not the worst yet. I've came across an even more rude kid in one of the carnival.

This is what I do when there were no customers around. I get to play the nintendo wii myself! Oh yeah!! and it was fun fun fun! XD Darn! after working for 3 days I only managed to score a maximum of 3 homeruns in a game T.T Try breaking my supervisor's record of 10 homeruns (5517 feet). Ultimate keng-ness.

Jacqueline, Sherlyn and I.

Had different uniform on the 2nd day, which was much nicer, also, more uncomfortable. I'm size M but they gave me an S =.="

Here is our emcee, DJ Vicky aka Janggut/Kambing. Such a poser...haha!

Had great fun while working for Shell's Carnival in Sg Long, Ampang and Banting. Would be working this coming weekend as well in Malacca. Gonna try to bat more homeruns! =p

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made of Honour Screening

Who says predictable movies are lame?? Went to the Made of Honour movie screening held by Advertlets on the 17th June. A romantic comedy... and I'm love with Dempsey's electrifying blue EYES! To me, the eyes are the most beautiful part of someone. Eyes do tell a lot...whether if you are happy, sad, or angry...they are the best detector for these moods. Eyes don't lie either...they can tell if you are feigning a laugh...they can tell a fake smile from a real one...and the eyes crease up in a genuine one. Overall, I find the movie very entertaining. I'd give it an 8/10 rating=) I won't be providing you with any spoilers here. So plz just head to the cinema and enjoy the movie! hehe.

Met quite some new blogger friends there. Also, a great way to spend more time with my old buddies, Kimberly and Lisa. Some interesting bloggers that I came across are such as Simon (a graduate from The One Academy, so do prepare yourself to be amazed by him! The first thing I saw in his blog really did leave a big big smile on my face *smiles*), Darren (someone with a passion in photography) and Leonard (find him for more Hannah Tan's updates).

Here are some photos taken that night.

Kimberly, Jamie, Ras Angela, Alea and I.

Us again in cartoon. Was experimenting with some functions in photobucket and I find this very cute. Haha!

Sis and I with Josh Lim, the Director of Advertlets. Sweet and friendly guy.

Daniel Tan and I. Catch him in Project DDD. *giggles*

Uncle Josh and I.

Leonard (Yes yes. get Hannah Tan updates from him)

Guess that's all for today. Have to get my beauty sleep! Mum's lecturing me for sleeping late again. 3.30am...Hm...considered it to be an improvement=p Nights!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ever After...

In a casual conversation, I was recently asked, “What is your favourite movie?” I would say I have countless…with all of them ending with… “happily ever after.” Cliched. I know. But you have to admit that the outcome of a happy ending leaves you feeling superbly satisfied.

Somehow, this led me to wonder…does ‘ever after’ really exist in reality anymore besides in movies and fairy tales? In our generation that is. It is saddening to know just how insignificant wedding vows have become with so many married couples ended up in divorce, thus resulting to family breakdowns. One of the main causes I suppose is that they think they have found The One, but only after their marriage. Someone they find more attractive than their existing partner. They ponder with the “if only” statements…. like “If only I met him/her before I got married.”

I do agree with the saying that, ‘Sometimes, timing rather than love decides who we end up being with – or without.’ Very few lucky people marry the loves of their lives. (I hope Im the lucky few! Haha!) The remaining majority marry the most suitable person who comes across their life when they are ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, the not-so-lucky people, who fall under the majority category, they have the choice to either risk their marriage (and pray hard that the so-called The One would really be The One) or try to make an effort to make things for the better (and miss the opportunity to a perhaps very happy relationship if all efforts made failed). Life is like all about making bets huh?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Made Famous

I was made famous overnight (See picture below). Thank you Isaac. So grateful you didn't make me the feh-mes JU-ON lady from the cursed house. I was surprise he managed to find the poster for the tv series. A good evidence that he actually paid attention to what i wrote in my blog. Haha!

Nice work huh? But everyone knows immediately that the body doesn't belongs to me the moment one sees it. My boobs got so BIG meh? In our dreams! Unless I go under the knife, which I doubt I would. Im happy with the body god bestowed upon me. Except for my cute lil' tummy there, which I could get rid with more exercise. Have been too lazy to exercise these days. My daily activities practically involve:

- watching anime/tv series/movies/news
- girls-day-outs (the guys also my 'ji-muis' XD)
-hv lunch, dinner, supper (If u realize, I don't hv breakfast. Thanks to my abnormal sleeping hours. Sleeping at 5am n waking up at 12pm. A habit developed during my final examinations...and im still practicing it. So officially a nocturnal creature)
- shopping (window shopping to be exact. Im broke ever since I got back from Singapore)
- sleeping
- reading novels and girlie mags.
- bathroom singing (I pity my neighbours. Some more I take very long to shower. Wahaha!)
- paint nails (less frequent these days. I used to be obsessed with nail arts!)
- and finally.....blogging! =D

Isaac Cheah has really good photoshop-ing skill I must say. I can see how 'busy' he is after exams until he starts making movie posters. haha! Most of his photoshop work are just so natural! Here are some of our friends made fehh-mes by him:


Weng Hoe

Kian Siang (I like his constipation face XD)

Yen Li

and Joyce

Guess I don't need to describe the movies they are made famous in. Popular enuf. Gonna whack you if you tell me you dunno. Haha! =) *peace*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Singapore Trip *continued*

Colourful spiral stairs spotted somewhere near Bugis Street. Seeing colourful things just lift my spirit. (like 4-year old kid sees a rainbow aje)


Welcome to the Esplanade! It's the Opera House of Singapore, also known as "The Durian". I know i look like such a poser here. This is nothing compared to my mum, who claims to do a better job at it than me =.= You be the judge.

Here I present you.....

The POSER QUEEN! Pheweeeeet!


THIS is my mum! (I know you are laughing) At her age, she's still very young at heart.

Here's another one that's lagi hebat.



I think she got a lil' too carried away. Pose until "high" already. My mum TERROR leh...? She won the Miss Tourism Pageant as well as some Miss Petite Pageant before. Don't play play! haha!

Below are some pictures of her during her younger days.


She's first from the right.

Ok. Enough of drooling at my mum. Back to main story! Visited the Merlion later on.


Me and my cute sister. (I'm the older sister. How come she's taller than me?!!)


In the MRT. Hmm....what's the couple behind doing...? Go home only intimate lar...

Sis and I again. The final day in Singapore.

Guess that's all on my Singapore trip. =D

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash Craze

Dropped down my sis and her friend in Sunway Lagoon yesterday for the Roxy Summer Splash event. And my should have seen the amount of crowd queing to get in. It's totally insane!! I guess there was like thousands of people there. Below is a picture of the scene taken by my sis. Sometimes I wonder why these people are still so enthusiastic about getting in despite the fact that it's already so packed inside. Upon seeing such crowd, I would probably just head back home to my condo's pool to swim instead.

While waiting for my sis having 'fun' (fun as in being sandwiched among the crowd), I had Daniel out to accompany me for lunch and do some catching up since he stays just around the corner. Daniel has taken more shots of the insane condition. Gonna get the pics from him to upload soon!

Went home later in the evening after Jamie was done hanging out with her friends. As expected, she complained non-stop about the badly managed event. You can read all her laments at lol.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My very First Trip to Singapore

Yes, I'm not kidding you. Last Wednesday was indeed the very first time i set foot in Singapore after 22 years! A neighbouring country yet I've not been there. A friend once told me I should just take a bus down, pijak pijak the soil sikit, and come back right up to KL so I could proudly claim, " Oh yeah! I've been to Singapore already!" and save myself from the embarrassment. lol.

Like Hong Kong, I noticed travelling around Singapore is very convenient. And you just don't see traffic jams and dirty toilets! (I wish I'm a Singaporean) However, when it comes to lunch/dinner time......the foodcourts are all completely packed with people. We have to wait super darn long before we managed to find a place to sit! (I don't want to be a Singaporean already) So I guess the best way is either you don't eat during lunch/dinner hours or you stand in front of a guest table and PRESSURE them to eat faster. Hahahaha. But if wanna pressure of course pick those that are almost finishing already to pressure lar....

During the 2nd day of the trip, we spent almost the entire day in Orchard Road and Somerset. If I'm not mistaken, there are over (or probably more than) 20 shopping complexes around this area alone! By the end of the day, I can barely feel my feet already T.T

Mum & I. And please do remind me never to wear boots/heels again in Singapore!! MUST wear flats!!

One of my favourite scent! I love fruity scents.

Sis & I. Geez....I look like a dwarf next to her.

Mind you. This is no Clinic. But definitely a very unique restaurant in Clarke Quay.

With wheel chairs...
and ward beds!

Cool design in one of the ladies' washroom wall in Clarke Quay. Oops! ter-touch wrong place. >.<

That's more like it!

This juice is available in Bugis Street. Don't think we can find this here in Malaysia. Have not tried it and I don't intend to try it (eventhough I love eating durians). I can accept durian ice-cream but durian juice is just weird. *bleks*

That's all for now. Have not finish my Singapore story. Shall probably continue it in the next blog:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Starting a blog finally

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm finally starting my very own personal blog! Thanks to peer pressure. I felt like a complete outcast now that almost everyone i know have a blog. I've always find blogging to be a hassle. But since my finals are over (Hurray!! at long last)......oh well, lalala~

To start off, you people must be wondering what makes me labeled my blog 'I Dream of Jeannie'. (ok, I am not asking you to dream of me!) It was actually a title of an American sitcom that was first aired in the 60's. My mum's favourite tv show during her younger days and hence that's how my name comes about. Below is the logo for the tv series with Barbare Eden as Jeannie.

Now that I've started this blog, I'll try my best to constantly update it =) C ya!

PS: Josh! happy now? Haha.