Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ever After...

In a casual conversation, I was recently asked, “What is your favourite movie?” I would say I have countless…with all of them ending with… “happily ever after.” Cliched. I know. But you have to admit that the outcome of a happy ending leaves you feeling superbly satisfied.

Somehow, this led me to wonder…does ‘ever after’ really exist in reality anymore besides in movies and fairy tales? In our generation that is. It is saddening to know just how insignificant wedding vows have become with so many married couples ended up in divorce, thus resulting to family breakdowns. One of the main causes I suppose is that they think they have found The One, but only after their marriage. Someone they find more attractive than their existing partner. They ponder with the “if only” statements…. like “If only I met him/her before I got married.”

I do agree with the saying that, ‘Sometimes, timing rather than love decides who we end up being with – or without.’ Very few lucky people marry the loves of their lives. (I hope Im the lucky few! Haha!) The remaining majority marry the most suitable person who comes across their life when they are ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, the not-so-lucky people, who fall under the majority category, they have the choice to either risk their marriage (and pray hard that the so-called The One would really be The One) or try to make an effort to make things for the better (and miss the opportunity to a perhaps very happy relationship if all efforts made failed). Life is like all about making bets huh?


ωϊΪΪϊαm §öö said...

Someone once said that in marriage, it's not who you live with but who you can live with.

Meaning in a marriage, there is not such thing as living with the best guy in the world but rather to live with the guy you like the most; with and without his flaws.

Compare it with living in a rumah papan and building it up to a cottage with love instead of jumping straight into a hollow bangalow.

Marriage is not final but just another starting point.

People are greedy, if we keep looking for the best of the best, you might find that you are going in circles for everyone has both pro and cons.

Eric Thor said...

I agree with you Jeannie. It is sad to see so many marriages break up these days. Our current culture no longer values the sanctity of a marriage.

What a lot of people do not understand is that they think that love is a feeling. Feelings come and go but it is a decision and commitment that will last, thus marriage "vows".

So marriage and love should be just that; a decision and commitment of love; to stick with each other all the way to the end.

Hollywood has subliminally hypnotized society to think that love and marriage is just a "good feeling"... no wonder so many marriages fail. People think of marriage as getting there (that's how movies end, right? happily ever after... haha), instead of a start of a journey.

So I do think that "happily ever after" does exist... it exists between two people who understand what love and marriage is, and makes a decision to make it work...... my 2 cents :)

§pinzer said...

Have you watched The Enchanted? lol