Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Campus Visit

Paid my 1st visit to the campus today and enrolled myself in Huaqiao University for Chinese Language course.

Then, I went to check out the dormitory and my room! And...sad to room sucks. So disappointed. I was expecting something better since the exterior design of the uni looks darn nice. The dormitories and rooms in UNMC are wayyyy........BETTER lor...

They first gave me the key to my 1st room, that was said to be in a newer dorm and was highly recommended by the staff. So, in our mind, 'new' is definitely always = to cleaner, better rooms. However, the place turns out to be very stuffy, filthy and dodgy looking. My excitement and enthusiasm to get into this uni suddenly just crash flat like pancake. I was like...."OH NOoooooOooo........."

So, I then requested to check out the so-called 'older' dorm, WHICH appears to be NEWER compared to the newer one! I was fuming inside. I wonder if that uni staff wanted to trick me into getting this room? or was it just a pure mistake?

I can survive with my new room in the older block... but still it isn't that great. The washroom is too small...=/

Classes starting on 1st September. The classrooms are all right. Located next to a lake, environment is peaceful. Sorry people, no photos available to be posted yet. =p

At the moment, I'm back in my dad's house in Quanzhou. Don't wanna leave my comfort zone so soon yet. Will only leave and start staying in uni on the 30th. Guess what? my room mate from Philippines has the exact same name as mine! (Great! now I'm feeling so special) Luckily different surname. Hers is Chang Sook Leng. haha.

I was told that I won't be having any internet access for my first 2 weeks in campus. Again, "NoooooOoooooo!!!" Dunno if I can believe that particular staff again... If it's true I would online to the max when I got home to my dad's place during the weekends. haha.

Have to stop here now...gotta get my beauty sleep! And hey! One more thing... noticed that there are coffeehouse here in Xiamen already! hepi-nya~ XD lol.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off to Xiamen on 23rd August

Leaving to Xiamen, China, tomorrow morning. Flight departing at 9.45am and estimated to arrive the destination by 1.50pm. Have packed all my stuffs. I can't be too sure if i had really packed ALL my stuffs though. Each time I realized I'd have forgotten something I'd keep adding & add & add into my luggage bag. Now I worry if it would be overweight >.<

I even packed in Sambal Belacan as well as some Coffee and Mochachino packs. haha. Xiamen have neither coffeeshops nor mamaks for us to enjoy any coffee. Not to mention Starbucks! Sad huh? i think if i start a coffeeshop there im sure to earn big buck!!! No doubt there's a demand for it. Dad always gets us to send over Old Town White Coffee packages in bulk to be distributed to his friends there in China as gifts. He eventually taught everyone there to love coffee. And now they are addicted. Like drugs. lol. Reminds me of a sentence said by Mark in Ah Long Lmt., the Singapore movie, "Sekali try, tiap-tiap hari pun mau" (Once tried, wants it everyday).

Gosh...I'm missing my granny, mum and sis already... am gonna miss my grandma's cooking (im not being sarcastic. She's indeed a fantastic chef!), miss my mum's voice, & I miss my sister's snore (yes i share my room with my sis. And no lar... she don't snore loudly like a pig. It's just a soft cute snore that i can't help giggling over each time ^.^) and our girls talk. On the other hand, I'm eager to meet up with my dad in China soon! I really miss him...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taman Connaught Accident (1st August 2008)

This is the accident that caused me to be LATE 40 minutes on my very 1st day of work for Acer's roadshow. My supervisor threatened to report this matter but thank god I managed to snap some pictures of the scene with my trusty handphone camera as evidence. Wahaha!

First day of work sudahlah leave bad impression. sobs sobs. Anyway, told myself that i should really start counting my blessings instead of whining. I should be thankful I didn't leave my house too early or I would probably be among the casualties from the accident. Also, being stucked in the jam saved me the 40 minutes torture from standing with my high heels. The terrible accident that snatches 2 lives reminds me how fragile life is. Learnt to be more careful on the road (esp. during this month, which is the seventh month of the Chinese Calender). And finally, I'm glad to be alive.

Note: Photos below are not mine

Acer's Roadshow at Midvalley from 1st to 3rd August.