Friday, February 6, 2009

Bunny Bunny~

Bunny bunny. Why are you so cudly?! *hugs & squeeze my adorable bunnies*

My very own pet rabbit. Finally! (Fergie's "Finally" starts echo-ing)
Spotted these cute, furry creatures on sale on the side lanes of QuanZhou's Zhong Shan Lu. Tried withholding the temptation to buy each time i passed by them but i just can't resist it anymore the third time.

Moreover, they are unbelievably cheap! Try guessing the price for one rabbit. (scroll down for answer)

A: RMB20 (That is only RM10!)

Dad went bananas when I told him I bought rabbits. He complained that they emit strong, unpleasant odor and that it's troublesome to have pets. Don't worry dad...I'll take gooood care of them!

This snow-white baby of mine has red eyes and very very round butt. She's such a fluffy furball XD

Isn't she cute?? we call her Vivi.

The name suits her well. She peed on my shirt 3 times so far! T.T

Thanks to Maricel, my Filipino room mate. Her wish definitely came true. She was like, 'go! wee-wee on Jeannie!' each time i hold the bunny. So wicked! haha!

pee = weewee = Vivi!

On the other hand, this one has black eyes, grey fur (looks brown in the photos but he's in fact greyyy), and bigger buttocks as well.

He died within 3 days before we could decide a proper name for him. Sobsss... (so much for the "I'll take good care of them" note to my dad)

Don't worry. No matter how much I badly miss him I won't commit suicide. That's just too stupid.

However, idiots do exist. Makes me recall an incident where a teenager kills himself along with the death of his beloved E-Pet!! C'mon la....tat one just click reset button and ta-da! your pet is alive again!! tsk tsk.

The way my baby sleeps.....

She looks just like this bunny bao XD (photo taken from Lisa's FB album)
Doesn't she?

Meanwhile this one has an eccentric sleeping style. LOL.
This is what I call 'Yengz'.

Ok Ok. Don't stare at me that way my baobei. I'm sorry for your un-intended death of your partner. I'll buy you a new playmate soon.