Thursday, June 12, 2008

Made Famous

I was made famous overnight (See picture below). Thank you Isaac. So grateful you didn't make me the feh-mes JU-ON lady from the cursed house. I was surprise he managed to find the poster for the tv series. A good evidence that he actually paid attention to what i wrote in my blog. Haha!

Nice work huh? But everyone knows immediately that the body doesn't belongs to me the moment one sees it. My boobs got so BIG meh? In our dreams! Unless I go under the knife, which I doubt I would. Im happy with the body god bestowed upon me. Except for my cute lil' tummy there, which I could get rid with more exercise. Have been too lazy to exercise these days. My daily activities practically involve:

- watching anime/tv series/movies/news
- girls-day-outs (the guys also my 'ji-muis' XD)
-hv lunch, dinner, supper (If u realize, I don't hv breakfast. Thanks to my abnormal sleeping hours. Sleeping at 5am n waking up at 12pm. A habit developed during my final examinations...and im still practicing it. So officially a nocturnal creature)
- shopping (window shopping to be exact. Im broke ever since I got back from Singapore)
- sleeping
- reading novels and girlie mags.
- bathroom singing (I pity my neighbours. Some more I take very long to shower. Wahaha!)
- paint nails (less frequent these days. I used to be obsessed with nail arts!)
- and finally.....blogging! =D

Isaac Cheah has really good photoshop-ing skill I must say. I can see how 'busy' he is after exams until he starts making movie posters. haha! Most of his photoshop work are just so natural! Here are some of our friends made fehh-mes by him:


Weng Hoe

Kian Siang (I like his constipation face XD)

Yen Li

and Joyce

Guess I don't need to describe the movies they are made famous in. Popular enuf. Gonna whack you if you tell me you dunno. Haha! =) *peace*


§pinzer said...

hahaahhaha yes la i know ur fehmes :P

who knows, one day u may just be a star in a theatre eh? jeannie, everybody's genie ;)

Jeannie said...

I don't want to b a celebrity lar...but getting some tender loving care from all my friends and family would be nice=)

Zen said...

So brutal.
Well...some of the posters gave me a hard time identifying though.
But, I got it somehow.
So, keep that fist of yours back into your folded arms...not entitled to any wacking yet.

Btw. Hock Chuan here.

Isaac Cheah said...

You're welcome.. *bow* haha.. My work is being advertised! (Maybe thats how I'll become famous) Did you get more tender loving care from your friends and family ever since you posted up the poster? =)
I wonder who to put in a poster next.. hmm..

Jeannie said...

Zen: What took u so long to identify?? =.= Seems that u didn't watch enuf movies. haha!

Isaac: You deserved to be advertise ;-) Can't let ur skill go unnoticed. hehe. Hmm...who to put up next...let's see...Melvin as Garfield? XP

Shiveeleaves said...

sleep early la,not good for health.
hhmm,reading what kind of novel?

Darren said...

Just dropping by. The malacca boy's constipated face is a classic. HA. He needs some laxatives i guess?=)