Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wart removal on lower eyelid

It has been a while since I last blogged. I had a tough time previously trying to search for info regarding eyelid warts... Thus the reason I'm blogging to share my experience.

Just had an eyelid wart removed at Damansara Specialist Hospital. The surgery was successful and took only 15 minutes. I actually had it for several years but it was only a tiny bump back then. It didn't really bother me much until recently where it suddenly gotten much bigger. Consulted the first opthamologist from Gleneagles and was told that the wart would continue to grow bigger if nothing was done. She advised that I should seek another opthamologist that provides laser surgery, as it is not available in Gleneagles. The knife surgery would leave a dent on my eyelid since she is not able to sew it due to my young age. And that would not look very nice.

I think Dr. Rajalakshmi from Damansara Specialist Hospital, KPJ, did a great job removing the wart without leaving any dent. Would like to take this opportunity to thank her to show my gratitude, as I did not have the chance to thank her properly at the hospital. She is really friendly by the way! She was able to give me the confidence that everything will be alright...and it was :)

Prior to surgery, a friend comforted me telling me not to be scared nor worry, as it is just like popping a pimple. Easy Peasy. So just go pop a pimple and come out. Haha! Well...using laser and knife, it's kinda a scary way to pop a pimple! He joked it is the same like my forceps. U know...u kiam your eye lashes. LoL. What an unforgettable statement. 

Anyway, for the procedure, they first inject local anesthetic on the skin near the infected area for numbness.  Ouch. That was the most painful part. But still bearable. Done in 3 seconds. An opaque contact lense was then placed on my eye to prevent laser from hurting it. Then laser to cut off the wart. It feels prickly initially. Feels nothing after a while.

Total cost for the procedure was RM2.3k+. Thank god the cost was borne by my company. Phew! Bag and iPhone sudahlah got snatched by snatch thief previously. Very broke already. I'm glad my company's staff benefits are good. haha. 

Pre-surgery: Wart sits on the line of my lower eyelid.

Post-surgery: a little redness. Was told it would go away after few days. 

Sorry for the poor picture quality, as photos ware taken using my iPhone's front camera.