Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made of Honour Screening

Who says predictable movies are lame?? Went to the Made of Honour movie screening held by Advertlets on the 17th June. A romantic comedy... and I'm love with Dempsey's electrifying blue EYES! To me, the eyes are the most beautiful part of someone. Eyes do tell a lot...whether if you are happy, sad, or angry...they are the best detector for these moods. Eyes don't lie either...they can tell if you are feigning a laugh...they can tell a fake smile from a real one...and the eyes crease up in a genuine one. Overall, I find the movie very entertaining. I'd give it an 8/10 rating=) I won't be providing you with any spoilers here. So plz just head to the cinema and enjoy the movie! hehe.

Met quite some new blogger friends there. Also, a great way to spend more time with my old buddies, Kimberly and Lisa. Some interesting bloggers that I came across are such as Simon (a graduate from The One Academy, so do prepare yourself to be amazed by him! The first thing I saw in his blog really did leave a big big smile on my face *smiles*), Darren (someone with a passion in photography) and Leonard (find him for more Hannah Tan's updates).

Here are some photos taken that night.

Kimberly, Jamie, Ras Angela, Alea and I.

Us again in cartoon. Was experimenting with some functions in photobucket and I find this very cute. Haha!

Sis and I with Josh Lim, the Director of Advertlets. Sweet and friendly guy.

Daniel Tan and I. Catch him in Project DDD. *giggles*

Uncle Josh and I.

Leonard (Yes yes. get Hannah Tan updates from him)

Guess that's all for today. Have to get my beauty sleep! Mum's lecturing me for sleeping late again. 3.30am...Hm...considered it to be an improvement=p Nights!


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