Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hennessy Artistry Bkt. Kiara

(Update for 19th July)

Sorry for the delay! Said that I would blog bout Hennessy Artistry but I’m just too lazy. Moreover, I didn’t have many nice pictures to share for this event…Thanks to my sister for removing the SD card from my camera. I simply stuffed in my very bulky n heavy SLR into my cute little bag only to find it without the SD card later that evening T.T So frustrating…Anyway, I think UncleJosh did a great job blogging bout it already. Check out his site!

I've never really like clubbing all these while as I can't really drink. I mean, I can drink but not a very good drinker. Never got drunk before. Don't know how it feels like. But I don't think I wanna try. Haha! Cheers with ice water the whole night... and everyone was like, "huh?? what's this? ICE water??" giving me the suspicious stare. And I would go, "no no! This is Hennessy Kiara. Made specially upon request!" Most of them knew it was a joke. But one actually believed me. And that was really funny! Lol.

I was mainly there for Machi's performances. Love their songs thus I wanted to get the 'feel' of it from watching them live. Thanks to the Joshuas (both Lim and Lee) for their kind invitation =D Great performances by all the stars. Overall, the whole event was very successful and well managed I must say.

However, I didn't quite enjoy the night very much. I have to admit that I am very shy. Oddly, I performed at school choirs and was brave enough to take part in singing contests (tho im not a fantastic singer). My shyness is situational. I react queerly during social events when faced with unfamiliar faces. Or maybe it would have been fun if my bestie(s) was/were there...or someone significant. haha. I'm just glad Peiman and Wilson (very nice people) were there to accompany me or it would have been a disaster. lol.

God must have heard my prayers when I was having troubles with transportion back home. Met a kind soul who came to my rescue =D Thank you Andrew! Owe you one!

Below are some photos taken by UncleJosh's new toy.

Me and Josh Lim. Can tell he was pretty drunk that night. It was written all over his face! XD

Levy Li, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008.

Daniel Tan aka Ah Long~ I think I'd need him to loan me $$ already with all the Mega Sales going on. Shop until PK liow T.T

Picture stolen from Simon's blog. Thanks dude ;-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Graduation day!

The day has finally come!

Had mix feelings. Was relief that I’d never need to sit for exams again and I can finally send all my lecture notes to the recycling bin. At the same time, it dawns on me that all of us may never be able to hang out like how we used to. Some friends would be back to their home town. Some would be working in Australia and some in Singapore. Everyone would start working and get busy with their lives.

“If life is a rat race, I am Minnie Mouse”, a statement made by Janice Wong, which I find it pretty amusing. haha. Time seems to be something we are all chasing after these days. Working friends have told me that the only thing that actually keeps them moving and looking forward to is their Sunday break. I would go green with envy when they told me they’ve gotten good jobs in good companies. But it seems that they envy me more when they found out I’ve another year to go before I start working. If some of you did not know, I’m leaving to China by mid-August to take up Chinese Language course. Yes, I’m definitely taking up the piece of advice everyone has been telling me: “Enjoy life while you can before you start working.”

Ok. Enuf of this emo talk. Back to graduation day in Marriott IOI Putrajaya Hotel. While we’re all seated in the hall with Professor Brian Atkins giving out a memorable speech (not really listening to him the whole time though), mum suddenly pops up out of nowhere to take my pictures. Thank god that camera is an SLR so she somewhat blends in with the rest of the professional photographers from our uni. Or else I’d need to dig a hole and bury my face…cuz she’s the only parent that came up to the front to take photos. Anyway, it was STILL pretty embarrassing as most of my friends recognize her. Siok Kin, whom was sitting beside me, comforted me saying, “Don’t worry dear. She’s doing this because she loves you.” Yeah I know that. But…can’t she do it LATER?? Anyway, all of us had a good laugh about it later on.

Later that evening, we went back to our campus to snap more pictures. Mum went home early as she needs to send my sis to tuition. It was really nice of Melvin’s family to provide me with transport to uni and back home. I felt sorry for his mum as the bouquet of flowers she bought for Melvin was stolen by some greedy people when she left it aside in the hotel. I did notice how unhappy she was... The bouquet costs her RM150 @.@ And they didn’t get to take the family portrait with the flowers yet at that time! sad huh

I hope all of us would be able to find time to hang out some time soon again. I will absolutely cherish all the wonderful moments... =)

Went to Hennessy Artistry event later that night…which I will talk bout in the next post.

Sis and I. She says everyone look so yengz in our grad robe. haha. i do agree. Minus our mortarboard, we do look like Harry Potter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My Family~ Sis, me, grandma and mum.

Picture taken in my bedroom the following day. By paying an additional RM50, we can rent the robe for another 10 days before returning =D

Graduate teddy bear mum got me.
Thanks mum! *hugss*

Monday, July 14, 2008

WALL. E's Press Screening

Many many thanks to Advertlets again for providing me with a free ticket to Wall E’s press screening this time. Get to watch the movie a month earlier, as the premier is around mid August. Lucky me! (I bet William is gonna be so jealous. lol.) We’re not allowed to write out any spoilers and reviews about it yet… all I can say for now is that I LOVE THE SHOW! Some parts were so moving it made my eyes water. >.<

It's cute to see robots have feelings too. I am also currently catching up with a Japanese series titled 'Zettai Kareshi' or 'Absolute Boyfriend'. It's about a girl, whom always failed in love, finally found the ideal man...the only thing is that he's a robot (created specially for her. And super darn good looking as well)! The robot somehow developed human feelings during the course with her; and meanwhile, she also finds herself in a love triangle between the robot and her childhood friend. Can you really accept a robot boyfriend? A robot that fulfills all your requirements?

In my case, I'd first need to find out how 'human' the robot exactly is. If it has feelings just like any humans....well, why not? haha! But so far with today's technology...I settle for humans. Thank you very much.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yellow & Red = Hamsap Colours??

While having desserts at Jonkers Street in Malacca, my psychology major friend, Sue, alleged that darker skin races, as well as people who possess thicker lower lips and deeper filtrum have stronger sex drive. In other words, she call the people who possess these traits "hamsap" (=pervert). She also defined the colour red and yellow as hamsap colours! She then pointed out that Peter, whom was our supervisor for the Shell’s job and coincidently wore the colour red, actually fits the description (he’s an Indian for your information).

Sue stated that her lecturer forbids them to use the colour red or yellow for their website’s background colour because these colours are sexually arousing and thus the reason why they are usually used in porn websites. She added that these colours enhance human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.

Peter’s eyes widen upon being described so. He then responded, “ ReALly? Then we should call this (pointing at the yellow asam laksa banner) HAMSAP laksa, (pointing at the yellow chicken rice banner) HAMSAP ‘kai fan’, (pointing at my yellow durian chendol), HAMSAP chendol, (and finally pointing at Sue’s Shell logo on her uniform) HAMSAP Sue!!”

All of us burst out with laughter. I almost choked to death with the ice kacang stuck halfway through my throat. He said it out so loudly that I can even spot customers sitting at the next table giggling along. They were very quiet and all ears throughout our whole conversation. Peter then remarked on Sue’s lecturer ‘amazing intelligence’ and that he makes a better lecturer himself.

I do think it’s weird to have these colours to be labeled so. Red… maybe yes…as the colour is associated with energy, passion, desire, and love. But yellow is definitely NOT!! That’s the colour of sunshine! And I perceive it as a very cheerful colour. =)

On our way back to our car, whatever things we came across with the colour yellow and red, he’d go “HAMSAP roti canai!”, “HAMSAP car!”, “HAMSAP Digi”, “HAMSAP KFC”….and it goes on and on and on. Lol.

Me and Olivia camwhoring in the car.

Us, vain pots, again.

Me and Sue. I've always thought I have big eyes until I met her.

Sue, Olivia & I

Cheerful colours!! Or Hamsap balloons in Sue's dictionary?

A random stranger interrupting our photo session.