Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hennessy Artistry Bkt. Kiara

(Update for 19th July)

Sorry for the delay! Said that I would blog bout Hennessy Artistry but I’m just too lazy. Moreover, I didn’t have many nice pictures to share for this event…Thanks to my sister for removing the SD card from my camera. I simply stuffed in my very bulky n heavy SLR into my cute little bag only to find it without the SD card later that evening T.T So frustrating…Anyway, I think UncleJosh did a great job blogging bout it already. Check out his site!

I've never really like clubbing all these while as I can't really drink. I mean, I can drink but not a very good drinker. Never got drunk before. Don't know how it feels like. But I don't think I wanna try. Haha! Cheers with ice water the whole night... and everyone was like, "huh?? what's this? ICE water??" giving me the suspicious stare. And I would go, "no no! This is Hennessy Kiara. Made specially upon request!" Most of them knew it was a joke. But one actually believed me. And that was really funny! Lol.

I was mainly there for Machi's performances. Love their songs thus I wanted to get the 'feel' of it from watching them live. Thanks to the Joshuas (both Lim and Lee) for their kind invitation =D Great performances by all the stars. Overall, the whole event was very successful and well managed I must say.

However, I didn't quite enjoy the night very much. I have to admit that I am very shy. Oddly, I performed at school choirs and was brave enough to take part in singing contests (tho im not a fantastic singer). My shyness is situational. I react queerly during social events when faced with unfamiliar faces. Or maybe it would have been fun if my bestie(s) was/were there...or someone significant. haha. I'm just glad Peiman and Wilson (very nice people) were there to accompany me or it would have been a disaster. lol.

God must have heard my prayers when I was having troubles with transportion back home. Met a kind soul who came to my rescue =D Thank you Andrew! Owe you one!

Below are some photos taken by UncleJosh's new toy.

Me and Josh Lim. Can tell he was pretty drunk that night. It was written all over his face! XD

Levy Li, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008.

Daniel Tan aka Ah Long~ I think I'd need him to loan me $$ already with all the Mega Sales going on. Shop until PK liow T.T

Picture stolen from Simon's blog. Thanks dude ;-)

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Leonard said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous..
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Damn.. Gareth invited me there.. bt I have work engagement...
too bad..

Hey whts been up?