Sunday, July 20, 2008

Graduation day!

The day has finally come!

Had mix feelings. Was relief that I’d never need to sit for exams again and I can finally send all my lecture notes to the recycling bin. At the same time, it dawns on me that all of us may never be able to hang out like how we used to. Some friends would be back to their home town. Some would be working in Australia and some in Singapore. Everyone would start working and get busy with their lives.

“If life is a rat race, I am Minnie Mouse”, a statement made by Janice Wong, which I find it pretty amusing. haha. Time seems to be something we are all chasing after these days. Working friends have told me that the only thing that actually keeps them moving and looking forward to is their Sunday break. I would go green with envy when they told me they’ve gotten good jobs in good companies. But it seems that they envy me more when they found out I’ve another year to go before I start working. If some of you did not know, I’m leaving to China by mid-August to take up Chinese Language course. Yes, I’m definitely taking up the piece of advice everyone has been telling me: “Enjoy life while you can before you start working.”

Ok. Enuf of this emo talk. Back to graduation day in Marriott IOI Putrajaya Hotel. While we’re all seated in the hall with Professor Brian Atkins giving out a memorable speech (not really listening to him the whole time though), mum suddenly pops up out of nowhere to take my pictures. Thank god that camera is an SLR so she somewhat blends in with the rest of the professional photographers from our uni. Or else I’d need to dig a hole and bury my face…cuz she’s the only parent that came up to the front to take photos. Anyway, it was STILL pretty embarrassing as most of my friends recognize her. Siok Kin, whom was sitting beside me, comforted me saying, “Don’t worry dear. She’s doing this because she loves you.” Yeah I know that. But…can’t she do it LATER?? Anyway, all of us had a good laugh about it later on.

Later that evening, we went back to our campus to snap more pictures. Mum went home early as she needs to send my sis to tuition. It was really nice of Melvin’s family to provide me with transport to uni and back home. I felt sorry for his mum as the bouquet of flowers she bought for Melvin was stolen by some greedy people when she left it aside in the hotel. I did notice how unhappy she was... The bouquet costs her RM150 @.@ And they didn’t get to take the family portrait with the flowers yet at that time! sad huh

I hope all of us would be able to find time to hang out some time soon again. I will absolutely cherish all the wonderful moments... =)

Went to Hennessy Artistry event later that night…which I will talk bout in the next post.

Sis and I. She says everyone look so yengz in our grad robe. haha. i do agree. Minus our mortarboard, we do look like Harry Potter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My Family~ Sis, me, grandma and mum.

Picture taken in my bedroom the following day. By paying an additional RM50, we can rent the robe for another 10 days before returning =D

Graduate teddy bear mum got me.
Thanks mum! *hugss*


Zuko said...
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Zuko said...

A little translation for you

凌晨 ling chen (wee hours)
一点半 yi dian ban (1.30)
一个人 yi ge ren( one person or alone)
坐 zuo (sit)
店 dian (shop)
看 kan (watch)
王力宏 wang li hong (lee hom)
听 ting (listen)
他 ta (him)
《唯一》(lee hom's song 'wei yi')
牵着 qian zhe (hold on)
我 wo (me)
手 shou (hand)
你 ni (you)
但 dan (but)
笑容 xiao rong (smile)
不清 bu qing (unclear)
这句 zhe ju (this sentence)
歌词 ge ci (lyrics)
曾经 ceng jing (used to)
唱 chang (sing)
心 xin (heart)

一直 yi zhi (always)
以为 yi wei (assume)
过去 guo qu (past or last time)
为何 wei he (why)
不能 bu neng (can't)
呼吸 hu xi (breathe)
说 shuo (say)
这几年 zhe ji nian (this few years)
逃避 tao bi (avoid)
害怕 hai pa (scared)
一次 yi ci (once)
抛弃 pao qi (dump)

我的 wo de (my or mine)
世界 shi jie (world)
早 zao (morning or early)
变 bian (change)
形 xing (shape)
好 hao (good)
恋爱 lian ai (in love)
没那么 mei na me (not that)
容易 rong yi (easy)
只 zhi (only)
缺 que (lack)
一个 yi ge (one)
能 neng (able)
让 rang (let)
心动 xin dong (move my heart)
也许 ye xu (maybe or perhaps)
世界 shi jie (world)
会 hui (will)
再 zai (once again)
美丽 mei li (pretty or beautiful)

ling chen yi dian ban, yi ge ren zuo zai dian li
kan zhe wang li hong, ting zhe ta de 'wei yi'
qian zhe wo de shou shi ni, dan ni de xiao rong que kan bu qing
zhe ju ge ci, ceng jing chang chu wo de xin

yi zhi yi wei, guo qu de guo qu yi shi guo qu
dan wei he, xin li hai shi bu neng hu xi
nan dao shuo, zhe ji nian yi zhi tao bi
hai pa zhe, yi ci you yi ci de pao qi

wo de shi jie, zao yi bian xing
hao hao lian ai, mei na me rong yi
zhi que yi ge, neng rang wo xin dong de ni
ye xu, zhe shi jie hui zai mei li

Kinda draggy, may this be your 1st mandarin lesson. Let me post more basic chinese words next time. China will be fun and fulfilling, take your time to learn =]

John said...

Congrats jeannie....Woot u went to the Hennensy Artistry??!! Ah I wish i could go too, too bad i couldn't get a ticket...T.T

Leonard said...

Wow.. U graduted ..! So Nice !

I wanna see some pictures..
I believe u gotta be really pretty on that graduation Outfit ! *wink*

Update me Jeannie !

Jeannie said...

Zuko: cool! i get to learn new words! so nice of u to hv the patience to literary translate everything for me. u make an excellent mandarin tutor =D Thank you so much!! *huggss*

John: Thanks! The party was fantastic =)Aww...don't sure they'll hv another one coming up soon ;-)

Leonard: pictures will be coming up soon! haha...thx *blushes*

lingling said...

i found ya finally =D

Charlie said...

hey, haven't seen you for sometimes eh. the first and last was at Nuffnang Pajama party if i'm not mistaken. anyway congrat on your graduation and welcome to the corporate world. LOL

andrew said...

congratz ya!! LOL... remember to add me in msn k?? need a favour from you!! ngek ngek ngek...

Zuko said...

Lesson Two
第二课 (di er ke)

You gonna see these pretty often.


01. 我 wo (me)
02. 你 ni (you)
03. 他 ta (him)
04. 她 ta (her)
05. 妈妈 ma ma (mommy)
06. 爸爸 ba ba (daddy)
07. 妹妹 mei mei (younger sister)
08. 姐姐 jie jie (older sister)
09. 弟弟 di di (younger brother)
10. 哥哥 ge ge (old brother)
11. 家人 jia ren (family)
12. 家 jia (home)
13. 屋子 wu zi (house)
14. 早餐 zao can (breakfast)
15. 午餐 wu can (lunch)
16. 晚餐 wan can (dinner)
17. 宵夜 xiao ye (supper)
18. 饭 fan (rice)
19. 面 mian (noodle)
20. 茶 cha (tea)
21. 咖啡 ka fei (coffee)
22. 学校 xue xiao (school)
23. 早安 zao an (good mornin)
24. 午安 wu an (good noon)
25. 晚安 wan an (good night)


01. 一 yi (one)
02. 二 er (two)
03. 三 san (three)
04. 四 si (four)
05. 五 wu (five)
06. 六 liu (six)
07. 七 qi (seven)
08. 八 ba (eight)
09. 九 jiu (nine)
10. 十 shi (ten)
11. 十一 shi yi (eleven)
12. 十八 shi ba (eighteen)
13. 二十三 er shi san (twenty three)
14. 八十八 ba shi ba (eighty eight)
15. 一百 yi bai (one hundred)
16. 一百七十二 yi bai qi shi er (172)
17. 两百四十 liang bai si shi (240)
18. 一千 yi qian (one thousand)
19. 一千两百三十四 yi qian liang bai san shi si (1234)
20. 一万 yi wan (10 thousand)
21. 十万 shi wan (100 thousand)
22. 一百万 yi bai wan (million)


01. 多少 duo shao (how much)
02. 钱 qian (money)
03. 便宜 pian yi (cheap)
04. 不买了 bu mai le (don't want to buy already)
05. 折扣 zhe kou (discount)
06. 定价 ding jia (fixed price)
07. 包起来 bao qi lai (wrap it up)
08. 喜欢 xi huan (like)
09. 不喜欢 bu xi huan (dislike)
10. 鞋子 xie zi (shoe)
11. 衣服 yi fu (clothes)
12. 化妆品 hua zhuang pin (cosmetic)
13. 耳环 er huan (earring)
14. 项链 xiang lian (necklace)
15. 名牌 ming pai (branded)
16. 假货 jia huo (imitation)

let me give some examples.

ke bu ke yi pian yi yi dian?
(can it be cheaper?)

tai gui le!
(too expensive!)

you mei you zhe kou?
(is there any discount?)

Important topic, isn't it? ^^

Feel free to add me on msn, if there's anything you need to know.

Hope its not too borin.
More to come!

§pinzer said...

congratulations, and celebrations.. da da da da da :D :D :D

Welcome to life of a graduate! you'll find that it's not so... exciting as you think it to be :P

kim_me said...


Darren said...

And ya..enjoy as much as you can before you start workin!;)

L-isa said...

darling ....u looked soooooooo pretty ;)
congrats congrats

WILDCAT said...
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Kelvin said...

A whole new adventure awaits you Leng,take care...