Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yellow & Red = Hamsap Colours??

While having desserts at Jonkers Street in Malacca, my psychology major friend, Sue, alleged that darker skin races, as well as people who possess thicker lower lips and deeper filtrum have stronger sex drive. In other words, she call the people who possess these traits "hamsap" (=pervert). She also defined the colour red and yellow as hamsap colours! She then pointed out that Peter, whom was our supervisor for the Shell’s job and coincidently wore the colour red, actually fits the description (he’s an Indian for your information).

Sue stated that her lecturer forbids them to use the colour red or yellow for their website’s background colour because these colours are sexually arousing and thus the reason why they are usually used in porn websites. She added that these colours enhance human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.

Peter’s eyes widen upon being described so. He then responded, “ ReALly? Then we should call this (pointing at the yellow asam laksa banner) HAMSAP laksa, (pointing at the yellow chicken rice banner) HAMSAP ‘kai fan’, (pointing at my yellow durian chendol), HAMSAP chendol, (and finally pointing at Sue’s Shell logo on her uniform) HAMSAP Sue!!”

All of us burst out with laughter. I almost choked to death with the ice kacang stuck halfway through my throat. He said it out so loudly that I can even spot customers sitting at the next table giggling along. They were very quiet and all ears throughout our whole conversation. Peter then remarked on Sue’s lecturer ‘amazing intelligence’ and that he makes a better lecturer himself.

I do think it’s weird to have these colours to be labeled so. Red… maybe yes…as the colour is associated with energy, passion, desire, and love. But yellow is definitely NOT!! That’s the colour of sunshine! And I perceive it as a very cheerful colour. =)

On our way back to our car, whatever things we came across with the colour yellow and red, he’d go “HAMSAP roti canai!”, “HAMSAP car!”, “HAMSAP Digi”, “HAMSAP KFC”….and it goes on and on and on. Lol.

Me and Olivia camwhoring in the car.

Us, vain pots, again.

Me and Sue. I've always thought I have big eyes until I met her.

Sue, Olivia & I

Cheerful colours!! Or Hamsap balloons in Sue's dictionary?

A random stranger interrupting our photo session.


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Eric Thor said...

there goes my love of tuna sashimi..... now its hamsap fish *lol*

so was the durian chendol nice?