Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taman Connaught Accident (1st August 2008)

This is the accident that caused me to be LATE 40 minutes on my very 1st day of work for Acer's roadshow. My supervisor threatened to report this matter but thank god I managed to snap some pictures of the scene with my trusty handphone camera as evidence. Wahaha!

First day of work sudahlah leave bad impression. sobs sobs. Anyway, told myself that i should really start counting my blessings instead of whining. I should be thankful I didn't leave my house too early or I would probably be among the casualties from the accident. Also, being stucked in the jam saved me the 40 minutes torture from standing with my high heels. The terrible accident that snatches 2 lives reminds me how fragile life is. Learnt to be more careful on the road (esp. during this month, which is the seventh month of the Chinese Calender). And finally, I'm glad to be alive.

Note: Photos below are not mine

Acer's Roadshow at Midvalley from 1st to 3rd August.


Leonard said...

Very optimistic of you.

Yea the accident really got alot of attention on the internet.. 30mins aft the had became the hottest news on THE STAR Online which is available on my blog *laugh*...

See ya soon jeannie !

Anonymous said...

Hey.. how come the girls are so pretty while the guys are given polo T's! So bad wey..

Where is gender equality? Where's the Tux?

L-isa said... glad ur ok
the accident seems so scary :(

btw sexy profile pic u got there :P

Kelvin said...

Oh... So this was what happen on that friday morning... Luckily I wasn't working on that day ;)

Well, It's batter to be late than never right ;)

Take Care,


Zuko said...

i just got back from bangkok! just got home, gonna start unpackin really soon! =]

i'm really very glad too see that you are fine. can't imagine if you were caught in that freak accident. i think your family & friends are gonna be so devastated. so will i..

life is really very very fragile.

actually planned to head phuket for a holiday years back. friend suddenly fell ill, cancelled the trip totally. weeks later, i saw on the news, tsunami struck. right at the period we were supposed to be there..

imagine if i went ahead with the trip. we won't able to know each other anymore..

so, take care!
cherish, kay?
its a beautiful word =]

nielgoh said...

ala....why didnt you work at the acer pyramid roadshow...sobs....if not...could've seen you...wakaka

Ven said...

agree... better late than never. Just like what my friend told me,

"If you drive slowly, you might be late for a few minutes; if you rush and speed, you might end up home late by 7 days (头七)"

Just dropping by anyway.

Jeannie said...

Leonard: haha! no wonder u r so updated.

William: *imagining salesmen in tux* geez...i don't think i wanna even get close to them if i were to buy a laptop. gives me the impression tat the laptops are wayyy beyond my budget. haha.

lisa: Thank you Lisa =D

Kelvin: yep! ;-)

Zuko: so cool...i've not been to Bangkok...haha! guess v both cheated death. or in other words, our time's not up yet. God still has plans for us ^.^

Niel: Pyramid is too far for me >.<

Ven: Thx for dropping by! =D

Zuko said...

you should try.
bangkok is mesmerizin, for me =]

cheatin death sounds bad? reminds me of 'Final Destination'. i don't really dare takin roller coasters after watchin the show.. *gulps*

yaa, perhaps we were meant for more greatness before our time really comes. that i can assure, i'll live my life as fulfillin & meaningful as possible ^^

btw, wearin tux for sales is a NO-NO! i can't really stand wearin coats to meet my clients sometimes. hot weather, will kill! =P