Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Moon Cake Festival

Hey! My room here doesn't turn out to be that bad after all. After cleaning and stuffs, it's now so comfy!! hehe.

I thought I'd lead a mundane life here at first. On the contrary, this is quite an interesting place! Have not even started reading any of the novels I brought here>.< There's night market every night at Jimei Street, which is reachable within walking distance, as well as lots of good food just around the corner. Eventhough I've been here for 2 weeks already, I've yet to try our canteen food. haha! It's just so convenient here. I don't even need to go to the shopping complex to shop for my necessities!

Uni life is pretty hectic. We have classes from 8am to 4.30pm everyday. In the first week, we would need to memorize about 10 Mandarin characters daily. I've no problem coping in the first week...but 2nd week onwards is just crazy! We have to memorize at least 17 characters each day! T.T Wish me luck...Learning mandarin does need to put in lots of effort.

Oh Yeah! Happy Moon Cake Festival!! Moon Cake Festival is such a big thing here in China, thus the extra holiday on Monday. XD Joined my dad and his friends for the Chun Qiu Jie celebration dinner on Friday night. After dinner, it's their culture here to play dice games. It's more of a luck game I must say. They even have prizes ready for the winners! And I actually bagged away the ultimate gift! Won myself an air purifier machine!! =D haha! What luck!

Sorry for not posting any pics yet...will post them up soon=) Have to stop here now...


P.S.: Will have internet connection in my room by this Tuesday. Yay! ^.^v


Zuko said...

有人快胖了, 整天吃喝玩乐的.
想念在MSN的你, 快上网吧, 我等你!

happy figurin out =P

Lisa Ce Ray said...

finally theres some updates from you
ur blog is alsost covered in dust my dear :P

UncleJosh said...

muahaha... having heaps of fun eh?
quickly update more la...

you went all the way there to learn mandarin... you had better beat me at mandarin when you're back