Monday, September 29, 2008

Huaqiao University, Jimei

The lake facing my uni.

Our hangout area...

The main entrance.

The putt putt thing that transports us to the places nearby.

Jimei Market

Track field/ Basketball court.

Badminton court.

The cafeteria.

The dorm where I'm staying in...

Night shot...

Me and Maricel, my roommate, from Philippines.

My room!

Finally, my new hairstyle! Tell me that it's nice Xp *lol*


Lisa Ce Ray said...

lovely hair :)
y u look like u lost more weight? :(
eatin alright n sleeping well o not?
pls reply my email la siu jie :P

|!_*Cherloyy*_!| said...

ur uni looks goods...! i love the lake facing ur uni.. niceee...~

ωϊΪΪϊαm §öö said...

It's nice. Hope you're happy ;)

The cool thing is where you hang out though.. on a boat! Wow!!

John said...

OMG ur room is so big and nice and yet u complain at the beginning. Wait till u see my room o.O

Lisa: lose weight not good meh? I always hear "ah i'm fat i'm fat, i wanna lose weight" from u girls.

Jamie said...

AUNTY HAIR STYLE!!! =P=P=P. make bigger curls/straighten lar! =X.

Joyce said...

your hair's nice!!! and your uni is very nice too!!!! (in an oriental way) :) :) :) and OMG SO COOL can sit trishaw around hahahaa..

Jeannie said...

Lisa: do i really look like i lost weight? i think i eat more when im here. dad constantly brings me out here n there to try out new food. n each time he ordered so much!! but thank god didn't gain weight *relief* i practice self-control!! XD

cherloyy n William: thx! yeah! i love the lake. the boat thing is a nice place to de-stress. hehe.

John: haiya...the first time i went to check out my room it's not yet cleaned up and the bed is without bedsheets n all...of course it feels difficult to adapt right? wei!! i wanna c pics of ur room!! u r there in US for some time yet u hv not posted any pics of ur room! >:(

Jamie: ya meh...? =.= im damn satisfied with my hair lor...i think this is the best perm i've ever had. But in that picture it don look so nice =/

Joyce: Thank you!! glad u think so =) (unlike my sister...pfft!! jkjk. lol.)

Zuko said...

hey, new hairstyle, fresh look! i've always like girls with perm hair.

but jamie may be right, bigger curls may loook even prettier, though not many enjoys it xD

glad to see you're enjoyin yourself. learn more, then you can find out what the meaningful love songs lee hom wrote and sang all the time!

加油哦? =]

kim_me said...

hey! I agree with Jamie. I think if is slight bigger curls it would be great... but it still looks nice this way!!

OMG the uni looks really good! very traditional but pretty!

jia you jia you!

Lisa Ce Ray said...

heyy i think she looks good :)
bigger curls tend to look blah after some time cos they loosen up n looks a tad too flat.
anyway bout the losing weight part u look alright but lose more n ull b chopsticks :P

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

it id lovely..:)

Anonymous said...